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Established in 1997, Dongguan Green TPU Co., Ltd. is a TPU manufacturer with advanced equipment and strong technical force which is professionally engaged in the research, development, production, processing and sales of TPU thin film, TPU hot melt adhesive membrane and special TPU composite material, washing mark processing product. These products can be used in shoe and hat, tailoring, luggage, advertising and automotive.
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TPU Film

TPU Electroplate Film is made of pure TPU film and electroplating film which makes the TPU surface shine like gold. The characteristics are: bright color, metallic color, glossy mirror, and can be plated with different color according to customers’ requirements

Application fields: shoes, bags, stationery, sporting goods, products logo, etc.

  • Eco- fressiendly, highly elastic, wear resistance
  • Anti yellowing, weather proof, anti aging, oil resistance
  • Anti fungus, antibiosis, anti static, recyclable and degradable
  • High hydrolysis resistance and weather fastne

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TPU Hot Melt Film

TPU hot melt adhesive film is extruded with low melting TPU particles and used pearlescent paper as the backing.

TPU hot melt adhesive film has good fluidity, high adhesion strength, excellent water resistance, oil resistance and dry cleaning effect.

  • Applicable to production process of No-SEW
  • Easier and simple operation process
  • PU skin of any material TPU mesh profession
  • Hot melt adhesive free of encapsulating

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Q : What's TPU Film?

A :It is Enviromental Friendly material. Good elastic material For all Good touch feeling Products. Cool Enviroment required materials.

Q : Whar's TPU For?

A : TPU Can be use for Medical facilities, electronic product, water sports equipment, water bag, Anti bacteria series for drinking container, Sport wares.

Q : Where is good for TPU Film?

A : Shoes parts, ball, clothes, travel bags, back bags infusion toys, infusion bed, water bags…etc. raw materials.





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